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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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dodgers stadium after the beating of a giants fan. this, according to dodgers officials. we'll have a live report from los angeles. a perjury case for barry bonds could go to a legal expert today. his chances of an acquittal, coming up. >> reporter: an overnight fire guts a home with two people inside. two gas meters explode. we'll tell you what's happening next coming up in a live report. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. it is thursday, april 7th. today in the bay. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. straight up 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. last look at the forecast for today. a little change. >> little change, little change. good morning to you.
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we are going to see showers today. before you know it, it's going to be may. it's going to be hot. you want to enjoy the last thrill of the 30s as we head through tonight. temperatures going to drop toward freezing. 60 degrees on friday. as you can see, the warm dry weather we are accustomed to sets in as we head into the weekend. we lose the rain chances and the temperatures climb into the 70s. so, you might enjoy the rain. it might be one of the last systems we see for quite some time. you are not going to enjoy it if you are headed out right now. mike, how does it look? >> slippery roadways. not a lot of rain is going to make the grease rise up to the surface. altamont pass showing the slowdown. 50s throughout livermore. you'll have that through the extent as well. north, highway 4 through antioch. a wind advisory nontraditional
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for the bridge. keep that in mind. the bay bridge has a wind advisory. i'll give you a live shot. the camera was shaking severely a half hour ago. things calmed down a bit. we ran the wipers that cleared the lens. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:02. we are continuing to update you on a house fire that brought down power lines and blew up a gas meter. christie smith joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i spoke with the fire inspector, still on scene. he said he's going to wait until daybreak to take a closer look inside the home because it is so badly burned inside. it's hard to believe from the look of it everyone made it out okay. four people were inside. fortunately one was up watching tv at 1:00 a.m. the house was
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burning and live electrical power lines were dangling across the street. they had to call pg&e to deactivate them. two gas meters on the home blew up causing another problem. >> they exploded. sounded like a tire popping, something like that. once that ignited, it remained ignited, which was a good thing for us. if we have a gas leak and the gas is on fire, it makes it easy for us. we can identify where the gas is. >> now, they knew where the flame was coming from, but it took them 90 minutes to find the gas valve and shut it off. meantime, a five to six foot wall of flame kept shooting out from the area. it's better than to have a leak where they don't know where the source of origin is. meantime, four people inside the home, they are getting help this
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morning from the red cross. still at this point don't know exactly how it started. reparting live in berkeley, christie smith, live in the bay. >> thank you very much. a firefighter is recovering in the hospital after battling a three-alarm fire in san francisco. that blaze happened near mission and valencia street. investigators are looking into the cause. an oakland firefighter is recovering from serious injuries to his face and mouth this morning. they were fighting a mobile home fire near mills college yesterday. there was an explosion. shrapnel hit the firefighter in the face. he had surgery and is expected to survive. >> we expect a verdict in a college rape case today. that's spurred controversy in the bay. there are reports they have reached a verdict and will
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announce their decision this morning. two baseball players are accused of raping a teenage girl four years ago. the jury will announce if the players are guilty or innocent and if they have to pay massive fines. one could have to pay $5 million in damages for emotional distress. the other player could pay $2.5 million over allegations he did nothing to rescue the woman. the case had never been tried in a criminal court. 18-year-old xavier neil is being held on numerous charges including kidnapping and intent to commit rape. the attack happened last friday afternoon when he grabbed a female jogger at amazon park and assaulted her in a remote area. he was arrested earlier this week. this morning, people will be able to sound off at a hearing
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on pedestrian safety. the public safety committee will hold a hearing on how it will be safer to walk around the neighborhood. the group says district six which includes south market has the highest rate of pedestrian injuries in the city. the group will call on lawmakers to create pedestrian action plans with more funding for police improvements and laws to protect pedestrians. in a few hours, closing arguments are set to begin in the perjury trial against barry bonds. in a surprise twist, the defense rested their case yesterday without calling witnesses. we are live at the courthouse in san francisco with a look at what might happen in court today. >> reporter: good morning. closing arguments are expected to last five or six hours. the jury could get the case by the end of the day. a panel of eight women and four men will decide whether to
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convict barry bonds of perjury for telling a grand jury in 2003 he never knowingly took steroids. yesterday, the judge threw out one of the charges. he faces three counts of false statements and one of obstruction. the defense didn't call witnesses to testify. they feel confident of an acquittal. the burden of proof is on the prosecution. the defense did put on a case here, but they did it in the government's case, through cross-examination. it's an important strategy. they got the message of their case out through the witnesses. >> the case could come down to the testimony of a woman who saw the trainer inject him with something that was undetectable. that contradicts that bonds told the jury nobody injected him
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with anything but his doctor. closing arguments are scheduled to begin at 8:30. live in san francisco, monte francis. >> thank you. 6:07. a strike may be averted when nurses vote on a new contract. union negotiators have recommended their 2700 nurses to accept the deal. the key provision are yearly wage increases. both sides have been battling each other for more than a year following the expiration of the previous contract. right now, we want to check in with christina. she was talking agent rain coming in. it is here. >> it's here, but not heavy. that's the good news. light scattered showers coming down across the bay area. later today, it will intensify for a bit. only for the first part of the day. as we head to 1:00 p.m., clearing across the area. then the cold air moves in. we are under the gun for the
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possibility of thunderstorms. gusty winds as well. the system pulls out later on today. the winds pick up, once again. here is what we are watching now. showers pushing through. now, the north bay is getting a break. the south bay is getting hit hard. heavy showers coming down between san jose and morgan hill. take a look at this. a little bit of pink showing up. it's a mixture of rain and snow coming down. temperatures drop more so. i think we'll see straight snow coming down in this area. here is where we are expected to be at 1:00 p.m. clearing and a little activity lingering in the south bay. then as we head through tonight, the really cold air pushes into the bay area. that means we are back in the 30s. back in the low 30s when it comes to the inland location. that means the frost possibility is a factor. bring in the pets and plants tonight. 55 degrees in oakland. take a look at this.
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this is the only day of rain in the extended period. throughout tomorrow, clearing 60 degrees. a cool day, though. we are looking at cool sunshine. 67 degrees by saturday. we are back in the 70s next week. how are we doing on the roadways with all this weather? >> we are doing all right. the slick conditions contributed and are helping to make the earlier spin outs. they cleared from the roadway. another accident that cleared quickly because of light volume of traffic. 17 coming up from the mountains toward the 880 interchange there. tim told us it's really raining up to campable and clearing into san jose. the off ramp from southbound 880 over there into hayward is clear. it was a spin-out there. a note for folks there. a live shot. we'll show you a nice smooth flow. the camera is shaking a bit. high winds reduce speeds. the dumbarton and bay bridge.
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the fire truck marked on the maps as well. christie smith is reporting there. it's great news for the area. a nice flow toward the toll plaza with no major delays. back to you. >> take it easy out there. still to come, decision day for cal train. a former police commandser accused of stealing drugs tells his side of the story. the dodgers are revamping security at their stadium after the beating of a man. we'll have a live report coming up. a live look outside this morning. drizzley, raining out there. rdways. 6:11 ow [ male announcer ] hi lauren and greg, what's up? we're getting the day started with athenos greek yogurt. later we're gonna ride bikes and go to the -- [ male announcer ] wonderful! let's see what yiayia thinks. are you two married? um, no. but you living together, ah? yeah.
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big changes are coming to dodgers stadium after a beating
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of a 42-year-old man, brian stow. he is still in a medically induced coma following the attack last week. our nbc station in l.a. is outside dodgers stadium this morning with a look at some of the changes. john. >> reporter: good morning, brent. when we look at the security here at dodgers stadium, one thing is evident. dodgers organization hasn't had somebody in charge of security since 2005. now, they have a big hitter coming to town saying he wants to make changes. that big hitter is somebody we know well in the los angeles area. he left l.a. and has been working for a security consulting firm. all of his background and what he knows about law enforcement, he says he has a plan for dodgers stadium. >> our focus will be on issues relative to security at the stadium, security offices, police, cameras, lighting.
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traditional security survey, if you will. >> the victim, his first name. the police have yet to find the suspects involved in the beatings last week. they hope in anybody knows anything they will give a phone call. they are trying their best to make sure they enjoy their past time and do it in a safe way and not worry about violence. this is the first step in doing so. everybody is going to be here on campus, so to speak, starting next week. that's the latest. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. we are hearing from a man who saw the attack happen. he called an espn radio show in los angeles and he describes in detail what he saw. >> caller: he got hit. his body immediately went stiff. he went straight to the ground and hit his head on the ground and never moved. at that point, i'm thinking
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there's a ball. next thing you know, the other thug comes over and kicks him in the head. >> when he's down on the ground? >> caller: yeah. he's knocked out cold from the punch. >> the witness says he called 911 and gave a description that helped them come up with the sketches you see on the screen now of the suspects. they are still on the run this morning. >> brutal attack there. it is 6:16. we are hearing from the former commander of an east bay narcotics unit. nor man welsh is the former commander of the narcotics enforcement team. in february, he was arrested on charges of running a drug ring along with a private investigator, christopher butler. he says he's sorry for what he did. >> i realized i placed a black eye on law enforcement.
6:17 am
i hope, after this is all done, the citizens and the community out there will realize that yes, i made a mistake. but, not to hold the entire law enforcement community accountable for that. >> the contra costa district attorney says at least 12 criminal cases will have to be thrown out because he's no longer a credible witness. the unit he oversaw has been suspended indefinitely. the bite over shark finning may heat up. lawmakers made a big move in sacramento. they banned shark finning. it's when the fin and tails of shark are cut off to make soup. it's a delicacy in chinese. d bill will go to the state senate. it could mean strong opposition from the asian restaurant industry. it is 6:17.
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rain coming down in the bay area. you mentioned snow. is it that cold, christina? >> it is that cold in the highest elevations. the top of mt. hamilton, a mixture of rain and snow. in the next hour, we are going to drop off in temperature just enough for freezing, above 4,500 feet. that means a little bit of snow up there. it may be the last time to see snow atop mt. hamilton. you might want to enjoy it. just a dusting. periods of rain. then a good deal of clearing. tonight, clear skies make way to very, very cold conditions. the temperatures are going to drop to freezing. this afternoon, this is what we are expecting. as we head throughout the morning hours, gusty winds as well. a few pop-up thunderstorms around 10:00 a.m. that's when the atmosphere will be warm enough, conducive to the thunderstorms. this afternoon, we are going to keep our eye on that possibility until 5:00 p.m.
6:19 am
the cold air pushes in. you are going to notice the difference when you wake up tomorrow morning. now, as you can see, the north bay, the people who usually get the heaviest rainfall, you are getting a break now. rainfall is coming down steadily in the south bay. if you are headed toward 880, 101, you want to take it easy. 17 is getting hit hard. yellow is embedded in here. it's moderate rain. there's the mix. yes, we do think we are going to see straight snow later on this morning. the coldest point of the day is typically after sunrise. that's at 7:00 a.m. we are going to enter that cold, cold point of the day, 7:00 and 8:00. it's when you need the jacket the most. this is the trough of low pressure. i don't need to draw the jet stream on because you can see it so vividly here taking it up through boise and billings. then the jet stream takes a hike to the north. all next week, temperatures climb. we are talking the 70s. this is the coldest day we are
6:20 am
looking at for the next 12 to 14 days. 59 in san jose. 57 degrees in livermore. the extended outlook shows the warm up on the way as early as tomorrow. 67 degrees by saturday. we are looking at baseball for the next few days starting tomorrow through monday. temperatures climb as we head throughout monday. that might be the best day to watch the giants play at at&t park. we'll be out there tomorrow, laura. i'm looking forward to that. >> i am, too. get ready. thanks. she's already gone. 6:20. the rain may dampen the push to get kids to ride their bike to school. >> i'm going to go. >> well, i'm leaving, too. i'm taking my car. we are looking at the north bay. earlier wind advisory heads cleared. we had rain. no flooding at sir francis drake. more traffic headlines and the
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slowdown, coming up. a live look outside san jose this morning. we'll be tking a ining about th in the south bay coming up. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. look outside golden gate bridge this morning the roads are slick out there across the bay area. rain hitting us. cooler temperatures as well.
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it's affecting ferry service. >> the ferry just got a note saying they are cancelling their service because of choppy conditions. there's wind you can see on the oakland kara. westbound 580 slows a bit after the merge of 205 and steady. in the 40s through livermore. things get better toward the dublin interchange. highway 4 a gem, clearing at loverage. it's dipping a bit. we watch for slowing here off the bridge where there's a wind advisory. gusty conditions. that could be an issue if you have a camper or larger truck or trailer coming through the area. watch it for the carquinez bridge. no major issues as far as speeds are concerned. dwight and sacramento, christie
6:25 am
smith is reporting from the scene of an overnight fire. it's set to open. she'll bring us the latest throughout the morning. a back-up at the cash lanes. the car pool lanes at the bottom of the screen are clear. fast lanes are clear as well. watch them stay to the left. back to you. >> thanks a lot. cal trains board of directors will vote to increase fares and eliminate service. increased fares and parking fees and close three stations. the bay shore station, haywards park station and san jose's capital station are all on the chopping block. there would be modified service for weekend and special events. that includes baseball games. cal train faces a $30 million budget deficit. local lawmakers are used to hitting the pavement for the campaign trail. today, it's for a different
6:26 am
reason. to encourage kids to ride their bikes to school. several city supervi sors will encourage them to ride their bikes to school. san francisco unified school district is working to install bike racks at all the schools in the city. we are less than 24 hours away from a government shutdown. it wouldn't be the first in history. washington came to a stop in the '90s. there's a crucial difference this time. >> good morning. we are more connected this time around. most of that staff that works in washington have blackberries and e-mail. new york times points out they are going to have to give them up, like in the movies where the cops have to turn in their badge and guns. the press secretaries, all the cogs in the government alma sheens have to turn in their
6:27 am
blackberries. why? because it's illegal to work while on furlough. they are probably like you, the work phone is the only phone they have. they are cut off from washington and their electronic lives as well. in japan, the japanese are about to launch uavs over the power plant. they are called t-hawks. they can hover in one spot for an hour. used in afghanistan and iraq as well as by the miami-dade police department. youtube, google, is about to spend $100 million on new original programming for youtube according to the wall street journal. 20 new channels. what sort of content, we don't know. professional stuff, so not talking babies or guys skateboarding into trees. it's gotten more professional. a lot of commercial interest and literally commercials are
6:28 am
showing up on youtube as hollywood replaces the talking babies. >> they are popular. >> they are good. >> the talking babies would have to walk around the house the whole time. >> thanks a lot. 6:27 now. coming up, phillip garrido could enter his plea today. a fire takes down power lines and causes gas meters to rvet oromep cupisg .inli not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever.
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-amazing. -look! there's the check -- right on the receipt. -genius. -fast. easy. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] quick and easy atm deposits. with bank of america. development in a case. holding a little girl captive for 18 years. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. a verdict has been reached. that story, coming up. >> reporter: a fire inspector is
6:31 am
on scene to find what caused a fire. plus the hazards firefighters had to deal with when they arrived. slick roadways to deal with as you head out the door this morning. how long will it last? we'll tell you, today in the bay. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. 6:31. >> we want to check the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. judging by the view of the golden gate bridge behind you, it looks like they are getting a bit of a break. we want to talk about what is to come. we are talking rain throughout the first portion of your day. it will clear before the day is done. gusty winds will remain. pop-up thunderstorms later on this afternoon. tonight, clear skies make way to very, very cold conditions.
6:32 am
you can see the south bay is getting hit hard. a break for the north bay in san francisco. a little bit of the action is pushing off to the east now. we'll continue to watch the showers. we are going to track them throughout the morning and let you know what's to come for the big weekend. after all, it's close now. let's get you to work now. you have to work for the weekend. how does it look out there? >> everybody's got to work for the weekend. i love lover boy. an accident at 680 on the northbound side. we have reports of a single car accident there. yellow corvette. doesn't say spin-out but we have seen a number of them. a lot in this area as well. watch the slick roads and the santa cruz mountains. heavy rain happening moments ago. slowing in the southbound. that's not unusual for that portion of the bay. a live look shows oakland, 880. the camera is more steady. the lights turned on. the back up, coming up soon.
6:33 am
>> thanks. you could hear the verdict in the rape case and the civil trial later this morning. bob redell is live outside the court in san jose with more. bob. >> reporter: you will hear a verdict after three and a half days of deliberation, the jury has come to a decision at 9:00 this morning, they are scheduled to announce a verdict and announce whether they found the defendants liable and damage to a woman who says she was gang raped while drunk by members of the baseball team at a house party. >> we apologize, we are having mic troubles with bob. we will tell you, the jury allegedly has reached a verdict already. now, they are going to announce it later on this morning. we will find out. we'll see if we can get the mic
6:34 am
fixed with bob. if we can we'll go back to him. is he set up? >> yep. >> let's give it a whirl. >> i apologize, the wind blew it off my tie. not sure what you have heard. a verdict has been reached. the forewoman is expected to announce that at 9:00. they will decide whether to find them liable and award damages to the woman. while she was drunk, she was gang raped nearly four years ago by members of the baseball team. she was 17 years old at the time. now, officially, she was suing nine men. after testimony and during this trial, six were dropped from the case. four of whom settled. the other two absolved of responsibility. that leaves three men. one never showed up for the trial. they will be settled for a default movement. kenneth chadwick could face a judgment of $2.5 million for
6:35 am
alleged negligent and not rescuing the teen. it was three women with the soccer team that got her out of the room. christopher could end up being on the hook for $5 million for participating in the assault itself. the defense argued the teen was not that drunk at the time and she invited the men to have sex with her during the trial, defense presented recent facebook photos of her partying and what's described of scantily dressed closed. there's six men and six women on the jury. they only need a preponderance of evidence. this is a much less strict requirement than you find in a criminal trial where all jurors need to have a unanimous decision on the convict or evidence considered to be beyond a reasonable doubt. bob redell, today in the bay.
6:36 am
>> thanks. we'll see if they get that later on today. the teenager who tried to blow up his high school and murder his former chemistry teacher. he was convicted of six felonies. he's pleaded guilty by reason of insanity. they claim he has schizophrenia. he knew the attack was wrong and did it anyway. if he's instain, he will be institutionalized rather than go to prison. the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard will plead guilty today. he will stand trial unless they can make a plea deal. nancy garrido confessed to kidnapping her back in 1991. we have an update this morning about a fire in berkeley where four people escaped a
6:37 am
burning house. today in the bay's christie smith joins us where firefighters are still on the scene this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. a fire inspector just went inside the home with a camera, taking pictures to figure out what started the fire. he had to wait until it was lighter out here because it was so burned inside. firefighters not just dealing with a burning home, but live electrical power lines dangling across the street. a couple of them. they had to tackle the building from the side. this was 1:00 in the morning near sacramento street here in berkeley. then they reported hearing boom that sounded like a tire exploding that was actually two gas meters on the home explo exploding. they had to figure out a way to handle it. >> it was fix feet wide up against the side of the
6:38 am
building. we took a fog nozzle and sprayed it against the building. once we put the fire out, we have a gas leak and hope it doesn't find an ignition source. >> reporter: they say it took 90 minutes to find the gas valve to shut it off. lots of challenges this morning. they didn't have to res due anyone. the four adults inside the home at the time made it out okay. one happened to be up watching late-night tv and smelled smoke, got everyone out. those four people are getting help this morning from the red cross. the home is considered a total loss. now that it's brighter out, this is what they are dealing with. the line has been cut. there were dangling lines from there to the home. the only building affected is the burned home. everyone else has power. christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you. the bay area's largest city is slashing half of the
6:39 am
redevelopment staff. the agency is laying off all by a handful of employees. they hinted at cuts last year before governor brown slashed agencies across the state back in january. the leader of the redevelopment agency tells the mercury news it's due to the economic crash, large debt and the financial rates by the state. >> that's a cloud over a lot of people but literally, clouds over a lot of people today in the bay area. >> it's not going to rain all day long. just for the first part. the early risers have to drive-through it. it continues to improve. showers on the breeze. that's what you can count on all morning long. clearing this afternoon. an unstable air mass. the potential for thunderstorms will be in the mix until 5:00 p.m. when the temperatures drop. we are talking about the 30s
6:40 am
overnight. tomorrow, we are only going to make way to 60 degrees. so, not quite baseball weather that we like but hey, better than the rain. we are not going to have to deal with that at at&t park tomorrow. it did rain in the area overnight. a bit of a break. watch out for slick conditions through there. we have heavy rain coming down in the south bay. you can see the pink. it's a mixture of rain and snow over mt. hamilton. it might be the last snow they see for quite some time. as you can see, by 1:00 p.m., the future cast shows we are going to clear out substantially. lingering activity. this is the time when we watch for the possibility of thunderstorms between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. really warm and the sphere is conducive to the formation. we are going to watch for that. if we see thunderstorms, potential for thunderstorms and pea-sized hail. cold air pushing in.
6:41 am
the spotty clouds. this is the cold air mass going into the bay area. it's going to settle in. temperatures in the 50s today. barely breaking 60 tomorrow. 58 degrees in fremont. 59 in san jose. 57 degrees in gilroy. 60 degrees tomorrow. 39 overnight. yeah. mike, don't put away the leopard snuggie just yet. >> what about the zebra one? we have variety at our household. we have a variety of colors. the yellow, speeds below 50. reds where it's below 20. the average speed causing a 25 minute drive out of the area. getting relief but the slowdown before and after the dublin interchange. we have an issue there. we are looking at the san mateo bridge and the vicinity. we have a live look of that. i want to tell you about the drive to the toll plaza itself.
6:42 am
san mateo as well as the dumbarton bridge we have 101 moving nicely. there's a shot of the bridge. high wind advisory. you can see the wet roads as well. it's a factor for this mornings commute. we are watching the off ramps. watch the slick conditions. back to you guys. >> we are watching the government this morning, mike, because it is the countdown to the shutdown. while you were sleeping capitol hill staff were pulling an all nighter to come up with a compromise. tracie potts is live on the hill this morning. no deal yet. leaders think they are close? >> reporter: they say they are making progress. after working all night, staffers admitted they have not reached an agreement. president obama, some key lawmakers were at the white house last night working late into the evening trying to get this wrapped up. trying to come up with a number to agree on to cut from the budget to get a current budget
6:43 am
for the current year. the president says this is urgent. it's affecting real people having real consequences. john boehner says they have a deep divide over some of the issues. as a result, they can't come to an agreement. what is going to happen today? more negotiations. possibly more meetings at the white house. clearly more staffers working on the details from the inside. also, republicans have a one week extension that will likely come up for a vote today and if they don't come up with a deal, that could go into effect today or tomorrow. back to you. >> something to watch. thank you very much. time now is 6:43. disease carrying ticks are on the rise in the bay area. coming up, what to do if you find one. a live look inside the bay area bridge. shaking cameras. cooler, windy, rainy today. 6:43 6:43 now. a live look at the forecast.
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investigators are trying to figure out why a fighter jet crashed. the f-18 super hornet was from the naval station and went down wednesday. a pilot and weapons systems officer were on board. both were killed in the crash. a mock radiation drill. the power plant will test its
6:47 am
emergency preparedness plant next week with a drill that simulates release of radiation. they will simulate how to shut down the plant and secure radioactive fuel. it's required of nuclear plants every few years. all the rain means tall grass and more ticks. check yourself if you have been hiking or walking in tall grass. fields and parks are the perfect breeding ground for ticks. they jump on anything warm. people and dogs are most susceptible. they can transmit lime disease. the department of public help says 11 cases of lime disease in san mateo in 2009. ten in so know ma, three in marin and alameda and one in san francisco county. save it in a jar and bring it to the doctors office to check it for lime disease.
6:48 am
the as are back looking for the second win. it's a day game for the as who couldn't pull out a win last night. maybe because they were goofing off in the bug out. no, no, no. that's not why. they were high fiving. brian wilson went out there but they had to pull him. tim lincecum pitched seven innings. >> tomorrow is the home opener at at&t park. we will be there as well. laura, christina and bob will have everything you need to know before the game. rocker sammy hagar has a role in things. it starts at 5:00 tomorrow morning here on today in the bay. >> yeah, that's one show you don't want to miss. we are going to have a good time out there tomorrow.
6:49 am
of course, if you are brent cannon you are stuck in the studio, you are probably still going to have a good time, too. mike inouye will be here to guide you through traffic and scott mcgrew is doing his tech news here from the studio. laura and i are going to be runnirun ing around the bases. we have showers pushing in from the south bay. most of the peninsula is getting an opportunity to dry out before we get more spotty activity. we have more developing just offshore. that will continue to filter into the bay area throughout the morning hours. this is the bulk of the moisture. it's coming in now. it's going to move out as quickly as it came in. showers all day long. clearing later in the day. take a look at this. cold enough for a mixture of rain and snow. pockets of white over mt. hamilton. might be the last time to see the white stuff as the temperatures continue to climb as we head into spring. santa rosa getting a break. you can see that from the future cast. a little bit of spotty activity.
6:50 am
the atmosphere will be warm enough between noon and 5:00 p.m. for thunderstorms. we are going to be watching that. 58 in fremont. 59 in san jose. readings along the peninsula will be in the mid to upper 50s. 58 degrees in santa rosa and the true view is picking up a few lightning strikes. we are going to watch for that. an active weather day. it's been tranquil for the past week. 60 degrees. that's all we are headed toward tomorrow. cool, sunshine overnight lows in the low0s. there is really good news that came out of all that rainfall. that flooding, the heavy storms. we have got snow anticipated in the mammoth area. they may be able to stay open until july 4th, if you can believe that. joni lynch joins us. it looks calm where you are. how do you feel?
6:51 am
>> reporter: what about this return to winter. talk about active weather, we had snow that fell early this morning. it's snowing and blowing. we could pick up another foot of snow. that's on top of the 15 to 25 foot base. we made it official this week, we are staying open every day until july 4th. not that uncommon. four out of the last seven years we are done it. skiing in the summer is fun. it doesn't feel like it now. back to you. >> now, i personally would love to watch the fireworks while i'm skiing down the slopes of mammoth. >> yeah. >> that would be something that only californians can do. we are happy to be in california. back to you guys. >> nighttime skiing with lanterns. something we do in colorado. >> wow. let's go. matt lauer leaving the
6:52 am
"today" show? when he could be calling it quits. >> we'll take a look at the morning commute for you when we come back. new gold bond deep moisture, female announcer ] with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion. you are going to hell. [ male announcer ] but yiayia approves of them eating athenos greek yogurt. mmmmmm! because athenos is made the greek way, never using preservatives or artificial flavors.
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good morning, folks. 6:54. we look at the maze where things are looking nice especially for a thursday. we have a little slowing passing highway four. the build up is continuing. the fire truck where christie is reporting all morning long. use caution at that intersection. the metering light is on. i can get you a live look. the back up toward west grand
6:55 am
avenue. it's building to the maze. a gentle drive for a thursday. that's better new ifs you are heading through this area. it's a light flow past the coliseum. the san mateo bridge across the peninsula. notice this shot. the high wind advisory on the right. the water on the roadways from the overnight rains. slippery conditions as the oil is seeping up. of course the windy conditions shaking the camera as well. we'll go back to the south bay where we look at a smooth drive as well as 101 and 87. the traditional spots for slowing. >> thanks. the golden state warriors -- >> i meaade that up. they are going to hand out b.a.r.t. tickets. they will board a train to san francisco and hand out more tickets. back to why they are smiling
6:56 am
today. the warriors did take down one of the elite teams, knocking down the lakers. >> all right. there's a surprise in nbc wall street journal poll. the poll asked voter who is was their choice among the possible republican candidates. mitt romney came in first with 21%. donald trump is tied for second with mike huckabee with 17%. newt gingrich. trump isn't officially a candidate. he's telling a lot of people he wants to run. a lot of people aren't buying it. chris christie says trump is a friend and doesn't think he wants to be president. you'll hear more from trump coming up on the "today" show. >> he wants to do it to go in and tell everybody from the previous administration, you're
6:57 am
fired. i want to check in with scott. >> it's quiet on wall street. the dow is unchanged. i want to call your attention to netflix. it's down almost 2.5% after google said it would invest or rumors google will invest $100 million in professional youtube programming. before we go, i wanted to call your attention to this. a biochemist who discovered hepatitis b died of a heart attack in mountain view. he was at a conference when he had a heart attack. he served as the director of astrobiology until 2002. this guy contributing to starting their morning. matt lauer is leaving when his contract is up in december of next year. "today" said it's not the practice to comment on speculation. it's following rumors meredith
6:58 am
vieria is leaving when her contract is up. just tidbits to start your day. stay tuned. [ jerry ] look at this! you got a state-of-the-art man-cave, but the savings account of a cave-man! hey sports fans check this out. [ beep ] oops, my bad. earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! ooh, 3-d! instead of earning bupkus,
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